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Art of Adjustments W/ Jess and Fall

$599 | 3/23, 3/25, 3/26 | Times TBD

@ Yoga8, 5100 Franklin Ave D, Waco, TX 76710

There is a fine line between giving a deliciously sweet adjustment that improves your students practice and taking them too far, actually disturbing their practice and sending them into tension and pain. In this workshop, you will learn the difference, as you delve into the art and science of giving good adjustments. You will be introduced to techniques and body awareness principles, and look at anatomical basics that can be used in all your adjustments. As well, we will focus on adjustments for common standing, seated, inverted and supine poses. And you will learn how to give GREAT savasana We will also play with Thai Yoga Massage as a complimentary practice of yoga.

Workshop Basics

-Principles and techniques to give appropriate adjustments

-Specific pose adjustments options

-Give great savasana

-Thai yoga massage fun

Email to register.

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