Sama Vritti Breathing to Relax

Most of us can use a bit of relaxation. Even if you take just a few moments out of your day to re-center, be present and breathe, it can do wonders to improve your overall sense of well being. Studies have shown that a yogic breathing practice can reduce your stress hormones and calm your autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for your fight or flight response.

Sama Vritti, is a form of pranayama (breath technique) that everyone can enjoy. Pranayama translates to prana: life force, ayama: expansion, prolongation. When we practice breathing techniques (pranayama) we are expanding and prolonging our life force. Sama translates to same or even, and Vritti is turning, making this breath technique an even turning breath. I personally find, that this technique is helpful for meditation and letting go of things that may be troubling you. Let's begin!

  • Sit in a comfortable position with back upright, or lay down. Any position where you can breathe fully.

  • Let the eyes close, and soften the muscles in the face and jaw. Start to notice the breath. Breathe in and out through the nose.

  • As you breathe in, count at a comfortable pace the length of your inhale. Usually counting up to 3-5. Pause.

  • As you exhale, count at a comfortable pace the length of your exhale.

  • Match the length of your inhales to the length of your exhales.

  • Repeat this pattern of breathing as many rounds as you like.