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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yoga Eight Community
Yoga Eight Community

Fun with Jess and Kim
Fun with Jess and Kim

Living Beyond the Mat
Living Beyond the Mat

Yoga Eight Community
Yoga Eight Community


Our well rounded program was developed with you in mind to not only gain confidence in teaching, but also in your own personal practice. You will find, and be, the best version of you! Our detailed alignment principals will teach you how to align individual people and not just bodies.

The entire program is interlaced with Anatomy, Sanskrit terms, subtle energy focuses, and yoga philosophy. We will give you the tools to develop your own sequences for every stage of your teaching and to expand your own personal practice. The 200 hrs Transform program was created for your teaching, your practice and for your life beyond the mat.

Living Peace Love and Yoga
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

Introducing our 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training, LIVING Peace Love and Yoga! Commit to another level of your practice to learn the tools and practices to live your yoga be- yond your mat. We know there is more to yoga than asana, but how do you share it with your students? We dive deep into subtle body, philosophy, and apply it directly to your life. Each weekend is themed with one of the main 7 chakras and the energies, body, poses associated with it. We cover advanced asana, as well as common transitions and advanced sequencing that will help you refine your teaching skills. Our Beyond the Mat section teaches you self care, and helps you shape your lifestyle of your dreams.

Live what you teach, stay inspired, nourish yourself and be the best version of yourself.

300 Hours
Part 2 elective modules can be taken before, during or after Part 1.

Part 1: 200 Hours 

Schedule varies on location

Part 2: 100 Hours

Elective Modules: Choose from 25-50 hour modules to make up 100 hours. 


"I have been teaching yoga for 11 years and I couldn’t be more thankful for the 300-hour teacher training at Peace Love And Yoga.  It took not only my practice, but my teaching to a new level.   It gave me a wide variety of tools to teach advanced postures, create new and unique sequences and to take my practice beyond the mat.  I’m so thankful for Jess, Susan and all the instructors that have given me the tools to grow as an instructor and yogi." -Megan B. 

Upcoming Trainings 

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