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Malas are sacred necklaces that can bring calm, creativity, awareness, love and balance.  They are created with precious gems and stones that are not only beautiful and sparkly, but filled with positive qualities to support you on your life’s path.  Malas are perfect for life’s transitions and watermarks, and harnessing the fresh energy of the new year!


This Mala has been handmade with silk thread, 108 beads and one guru/focus stone. This Mala has been hand knotted between each stone. Each stone has energetic qualities that benefit the wearer. 

Leopard Jasper: Boosts physical strength to take action gracefully and powerfully. Supports and strengthens spine and base. 


Fire Agate: Awakens lower chakras. Lights fire for creativity, sexuality, and will. Stimulates a zest for living. 


Red Jasper: Facilitates deep grounding to earth. Gentle grounding. 


Fossil Coral Guru/Focus Stone: Fossil Coral is a gemstone that symbolizes eternal life. Fossil Coral is worn to catch the fancy of success. It also tones up the power of foresight.

Red Strength 108 Bead Mala Necklace

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