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About Living Beyond the Mat

Living Beyond the Mat shares yoga teacher trainings, workshops, programs and retreats with the global yoga community.  We lead programs to live by, to guide you to find the best version of you beyond the yoga world. Our highly qualified and passionate mentors will help you reach your aspirations, whether its changing the lives of students by becoming a yoga teacher, changing the lives of a community by opening a studio or wellness center, or finding your most vibrant, balanced self.  Whether you are training, practicing or being mentored with us, we will help you connect with your yoga for your mat, for your teaching and for your life.



I found yoga right out of high school, as an addition to a fitness regime. It didn't grab a hold right away, but after my first yoga class I remember thinking, "I'd like to teach yoga someday." That day came in 2007 when I took my first training.  By 2009 I had completely fallen in love with heated vinyasa practice and opened my studio Peace Love and Yoga in 2010.  Peace Love and Yoga, PLAY, was built on love and passion for yoga and was welcomed and supported immediately by the community.  I loved PLAY so much and gave my whole heart and then some to it to see it grow and thrive. 

Around PLAY's 5th anniversary, I was completely burnt out. I had lost my practice due to the constant business of owning a studio. I needed inspiration.  I began leading 200 hour trainings at the same time as taking my 300 hour certification and going through a major studio remodel and expansion. Not the best of ideas, but it lead me to find my peace.

During those difficult and chaotic months, I realize that even though I had been teaching for years, I was completely out of balance. When I started leading trainings, teaching all the limbs of yoga instead of just Asana, I realized what it meant to "live your yoga".  It took a major shift for me to find and live my yoga beyond my mat.  This journey inspired me to create programs, trainings, classes, and even simple conversations to help others see what it's like to practice more than just asana. 

I hold several certifications in the fitness/wellness industry. In addition to my 200 hour certification through CorePower Yoga, I have completed several training levels through Yogafit training systems. In 2014, I completed my 300 hour certification through Annie Carpenter’s Smart FLOW Yoga.  I also hold certifications with Stott Pilates, AFAA group exercise primary certification, Mad Dog Athletics Spinning certification, and is CPR/AED certified by the American Heart Association.  I am the founder and co-owner of Peace Love and Yoga studio in Carlsbad, CA.  I am the creator/lead trainer of the Peace Love and Yoga Teacher Training program, and the creator and lead trainer of Living Beyond the Mat Teacher Training program. I am also thrilled to be a partner in WANDERING YOGI Retreats, leading luxurious yoga retreats worldwide. 


My first taste of yoga was watching VHS tapes in my bedroom because yoga was still somewhat on the fringe back then, and studios were NOT on every corner.  And I was hooked!  I had never felt anything like it!  In 2005, I took my first TT with Ganga White and Tracy Rich, and realized that I was not just stepping into some poses, but exploring a whole lifestyle.  A way of being.  In that training, I was introduced to Thai Massage and 2 months later, I was enrolled in massage school.  I was REALLY hooked!  And so, began my deep dive into the field of bodywork.  I was a committed Ashtanghi,  gratefully and humbly practicing Mysore with Tim Miller.  At the same time I was delving into my HHP and falling in love with every new modality I was exposed to.  I graduated massage school in 2007 with over 1200 hours and specializations in Thai Massage, Relational Somatics and Craniosacral therapy.  


These last 13 years of practicing and learning yoga & massage has been a wandering journey, full of beauty and challenges.  I have traveled to India and Thailand to deepen my practice and sit with my teachers.  I have attended thousands of hours of trainings, workshops and retreats; humbly sitting with masters like Arjan Pichest, Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye and Kaline Kelly.  I have taught numerous classes and workshops and retreats all over the west coast of United States, as well as Hawaii, Tulum MX, Chiang Mai, Thailand and Malaysia.  I have happily and passionately shared yoga and massage with thousands of people across this big blue planet!


And still, the biggest gifts and most profound realizations have come in the still moments, when I'm consciously witnessing my own breath.  So, I strive to be open, and listen and let the wisdom of my body, and of our bodies speak.  I will forever consider myself a student and continue learning and growing and evolving with this sweet gift of breath and movement, of yoga and massage. 



It’s so cliché, but I didn’t look for yoga, yoga found me….

One of my dearest friends recommended I try a class, and being a former athlete, I thought it was not my type of workout. Needless to say, after my first class, I felt oddly “worked out”, stretched, and relaxed. This all came at a time in my life where changes in my lifestyle were being made, spiritually, mentally, and physically. This is yoga, unifying, transforming, rebirthing. Another friend and I discussed the idea of going on a yoga retreat together and began doing research. Being an avid fitness enthusiast, I decided that if I was going to invest on that level that I wanted to walk away with something deeper. I already maintained my personal trainer and health coach certifications, so yoga seemed like the next step in my journey. I decided to take teacher trainings in 2012 and 2013 and completed my 200-Hour RYT. Since then I’ve been fortunate to share my love of yoga through regular classes and now have the opportunity to assist others grow their love of yoga through teacher trainings. During this time I was also blessed with the opportunity to open Oh My Juice, a local juice shop in Waco, Tx. It was through this venture that Jess and I met and grew our friendship. I’m a firm believer in time and opportunity being all a result divine inspiration and intervention.

 I am excited about my journey, and look forward to helping others seek and discover theirs along the way. 


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